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Why tea? The health benefits

Green tea, black tea, white tea or tea for men, all are delicious and they even have health benefits. People all over the world are drinking tea and have been drinking tea for centuries. Although tea is native to East Asia, since the 19th century it can also be found in Africa and South America.

White tea and herbal tea

White tea consists of tea leaves and is known for its soft and gentle flavour. It only has a small amount of caffeine so it is a great option if you are avoiding or limiting your caffeine intake. White tea can even help fight some forms of cancer due to its high level of antioxidants. If you want to strengthen your teeth or make them more resistant to sugar, then white tea is your go-to as well. Herbal tea is quite similar to white tea, but in addition to tea leaves, they also consist of herbs, spices or other plants. Herbal teas are famous for their calming qualities because they do not contain any caffeine. Chamomile tea, for example, improves sleep and relaxation and reduces stress. Hibiscus will improve the health of your liver and might even prevent the formation of kidney stones.  

Green tea, black tea and a blend

Green tea helps by decreasing bad cholesterol and blood clotting. This will improve your heart health. Green tea will also help lower blood pressure and keep your skin clear. Black tea is actually made from the same plant as green tea, but this time, the leaves are dried and fermented. This causes a darker colour and heavy flavour. Black tea helps support your immune system but it does contain caffeine, so limit your intake. If you are looking for a tea that will give you an energy boost, then you need a special tea blend. We made a tea blend that enhances your athletic performance, reduces fatigue and increases testosterone.